The blood pumping memories from last years tremendous tuna season are still alive and well aboard the Tornado! As we prepare for another successful season, we are looking forward to an action packed day! Make room in your freezers for the tuna you will catch aboard the Tornado.

Be sure to bring warm clothes, a sleeping bag and enough food to tide you over. Our boat has a RSW refrigeration system to keep your fish fresh at the perfect temperature. The Tornado takes up to 10 people per trip, which is ideal for a group of friends to charter the whole boat!

Our trips board at 8:00 PM every Monday, Thursday and Saturday starting in August and go through the beginning of October.

Trips fill up quickly, so don’t wait and plan your trip today!

Standard 2 Day Trip

This trip can span over two days and even into a third. For example: If we are planning a Standard trip for the upcoming weekend, our departure time from the dock would be between 6PM and midnight on Saturday night. The exact departure time is determined by 2 things: first – the distance necessary to travel and second – your captain’s preference of departure time. At any rate, we plan to have you on the tuna grounds by daylight on Sunday morning. Sunday is a long day, and with just a bit of tuna luck (and skill from you of course) a very enriching one. After a full day of fishing, usually just about dusk, we’ll begin our trek back to Westport. Generally, people are somewhat pooped out (and sometimes downright exhausted) after an action-packed day and they just enjoy a relaxing supper before heading for their bunks. Our distance from home will determine our arrival time back in Westport. It could be 2 or 3 AM on Monday morning if we left the tuna grounds at dark from 60 miles out. Don’t worry about getting up at 3AM and heading home. You can sleep on the boat once we’ve returned to the dock and at our leisure after daylight we’ll get you squared away with your fish. Typically it might be 7 or 8 AM on Monday when you are all packed up and back on the road toward your home. (With your trunk weighted down naturally.)

Trip cost of $650 per person includes tax, bait, gear, and derby ticket.

Extended 2 Day Trip

The Extended Trip is similar to the Standard Trip, but instead of heading back after the long first day, you will sleep on the tuna grounds and catch the morning bite the next day. Rather than wake up at the dock (like on Standard) you wake up, still on the battle field, and fish until about 9 or 10AM before heading home. Your captain will typically plan your return time to the dock at about 2 or 3PM. The Extended Trip gives you a few more hours of prime fishing time and allows you to head home from the grounds in the daylight. Hopefully you will get to take in the fantastic sea life show the porpoises often treat us to! P.S. (On some occasions great fishing conditions may cause the boat to return home early).

Trip cost of $700 per person includes tax, bait, gear, and derby ticket.

Season opens March 13, 2021! This is your chance to load your freezer with tasty whitefish fillets! Historically, lingcod fishing excels in the spring months and there’s a big out out there wait for you. Limit of (7) Rockfish and (2) Lingcod. Come on out and get your line wet!

Check-in by 5:30am at the office.

Weekdays – $170 until June 30th, $180 after that date; includes pole, bait, tax, gear, and derby ticket.
Weekends – $180 includes pole, bait, tax, gear, and derby ticket. Check-In at 5:30 AM.

DEEPWATER SPECIAL - New Trip for 2019!

The deepwater trip will target Ling Cod (large variety) and a variety of rockfish. Thanks to the rebuilding of certain groundfish species and the relaxing of regulations by our fishery managers, we now get to offer, for a limited time, this special Deepwater Fishing Trip. We are also happy to say that Canary Rockfish (but not Yellow Eye) which have been off limits for years are now rebuilt and available to us in the rockfish limit. Great News!!! 

These trips will take place in offshore waters that have been closed for many years (except for the few select halibut directed days). We are excited to add this deepwater experience to suite a variety of fishing opportunities. These will be limited load trips (meaning less passengers are taken than a typical bottomfish trip) and they will be available during the first two weeks of June only. Remember, like Halibut, these trips can be physically demanding, so if you’re a bit frail or new to ocean fishing we continue to recommend the regular bottomfish trip that still targets the delicious whitefish, Ling Cod and Rockfish, and typically fishes in depths less than 300 feet.

Check in by 4:30am at the office.

Trip cost of $295 includes bait, tax, gear, and derby ticket.
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2021 opening day for salmon will be announced in mid-April. Check back then and schedule a trip to come get some nice salmon for those summer barbecues.

Check in by 5:00am at the office.

Cost per person: $180 includes bait, tax, gear, and derby ticket.
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A fantastic trip for those interested in a 2-for-1 fishing opportunity. This popular trip start date is based on salmon availability.

On these trips we target salmon and rockfish, which means plan for a slightly longer day and some fish to take home and fry!

Check in by 4:30AM at the office.

Cost per person: $250 includes bait, gear, tax and derby ticket.